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The Tub Is One Of The Main Facilities In The Bathroom

Aug 09, 2017

In a broad sense, the tub generally refers to the bath tub, is one of the main equipment of the bathroom. Baby bath tub is the main equipment when the baby bathes, its form, size there are many categories. Unlike the common tub, the baby-sitting tub has an auxiliary bath plate, which allows the child to lie comfortably in the bath, and the mother is more labor-saving.

The bath tub is the main equipment of the bathroom, the bathtub form, the size has many categories, can be divided into three kinds: deep square, shallow long shape and eclectic form. Bathroom Basin People in the bath need water without shoulder, so that can warm the whole body, so the tub should be guaranteed to have a certain amount of water, short and deep, long is shallow, generally full water capacity in 230-320l around. Bathroom Basin The bathtub is too small, the person in which curled up uncomfortable, too big has the floating instability feeling. The deep square tub occupies small area, which is advantageous to save the space. Shallow long tub people can lie flat, can make the body fully relaxed: the compromise form to take the two long, not only can make the leg stretched into half lying posture, but also can save a certain space.

In the bath tub arrangement form has the shelve type, the embedded, the half sink type three kinds. The use of the bath tub by the corner of the use, Bathroom Basin this way of construction convenient, easy to overhaul, suitable for the floor of the ground has been decorated under the circumstances of the selection. Embedded in the bathtub into the table, the table is conducive to the placement of toiletries, but it occupies a larger space. Half sink is to put 1/3 of the tub under the ground, the tub in the bathroom on the ground about 400mm, Bathroom Basin compared with the use of the bathtub is easy and convenient, suitable for the elderly and infirm people.

A gynaecological bidet is a new type of basin that can be placed in a toilet or on a stool. The basin can be filled with water or petal soup or soup, and women can put the genitals inside for cleaning, nourishing or healing.

In addition, the baby-specific tub in the size of details such as more design, for example, most baby bath tub sizes are suitable for babies within 2 years of age, Bathroom Basin this kind of tub is relatively compact, covers an area also small, use of place also won't have too many restrictions, can be on the table, floor, bathroom, room.

According to the design of the tub, the common baby bathtub supplies on the market can be divided into the following types: basic tub, ergonomic bathtub, baby bathtub Support (Bath bed), inflatable bathtub, bathing chair.

Basic tub: light weight, flat bottom, no bathtub support accessories, Bathroom Basin small baby can not keep a half lying posture.

Ergonomic bathtub: The special design allows the baby to lie in the posture, also can let the child who has already learned to sit down.

Supporting parts in baby bathtub: common bath bed, bath net, foam mat, lying board, etc.

Inflatable bathtub: In the baby bath when filled with gas, Bathroom Basin after washing the gas release, easy to receive, and inflatable bathtub material soft, baby is not easy to bump.

Bath Chair: Bath chair is the baby bath with the bottom of the suction cup or non-slip pad to fix it in the adult bathtub. It is designed for babies sitting on their own (usually more than 6 months).

The tub is divided into ordinary tub, massage tub, including Jacuzzi tub, Jacuzzi tub, spa air massage tub, pulse massage tub and so on.