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The Trend Of Artificial Stone Solid Surface Market Development 2016 Analyze

Aug 29, 2016

In recently yeas,our building material come to fore with the push help by real estate industry.Stone as one of the branches, also has been an unprecedented development, and with the improvement of people's decoration health environmental requirements, stone has also been a development opportunity in green building.

Stone is the decoration of luxury products can be divided into natural stone and artificial stone (also known as artificial stones solid surface), consists of granite, marble and other natural stone.Along with economic development, has become one of the most important raw material of architectural, decorative stone.In the situation of resources waste, and pollution problem increasingly highlight, environmental consciousness increasingly, production some can alternative on environment, aspects produced pollution of products very important, and green building stone--artificial stone solid surface easy maintenance, surface not sucking dirt, easy clean, avoid has natural stone of surface easy was oxidation, and easy sucking dirt, and color, and difficult clean, and natural stone color not equal problem, its overcome has outdoor stone using in the caused of all limited and defects, Yet decorative and aesthetic value of stone use, excellent quality.

You can see from above, green building stone – acrylic solid surface has been to substitute the previous stone decoration, and also did a great deal of improvement in environmental protection, the future of society is a society of sustainable development, environmental protection and energy saving are the subject of community, so in the next few years, China's green building stone – artificial stone acrylic solid surface will be a great development!