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The Service Desk Standardizes The IT Service System

Jun 08, 2017

The basic function of the service desk is to receive all kinds of IT users use the request, and within the specified time for the user to directly solve the problem, in case of complex issues are transferred to second-line support, Reception Desk but also need to track the situation and timely feedback in order to finally solve the user problem. On this basis, the service desk also records the service process and the results in order to analyze and summarize and improve the speed of problem solving.

In general, the service desk can be unified to manage and manage a large number of IT requests at the same time. It also provides an interface for including user change requests, Reception Desk maintenance contracts, service level management, configuration management, availability management, and persistence management. Less than the specific technical staff and delay time, thereby reducing operating costs; Second, you can also through the management of the service desk, the establishment of knowledge base, a clear service personnel performance appraisal, Reception Desk to improve the overall IT support efficiency.

First of all, the help desk provides users with a quick access to the knowledge base and FAQ, can help the desk to solve some of the problems raised by the user to improve the efficiency of the problem, Reception Desk but also enhance the ability of enterprise users to solve their own problems.

Second, the service desk receives events that are submitted by the user through the self-service desk and received by telephone. After receiving the service request, the service desk prioritizes, records, organizes, classifies and classifies the service events And distribution, for the accumulation of data and statistics to provide a real basis.

Third, the self-service desk reduces the workload of the help desk, Reception Desk provides a platform for communication with business users, and timely grasp the progress and status of event services.

Fourth, through the self-service desk, to improve the ability of enterprise users to solve events.

Fifth, the enterprise based on the actual business service objectives, developed a service level agreement, the service desk in accordance with the service level of the incident at different levels of processing, standardize the IT service system to provide customer satisfaction.

Sixth, the service desk on a regular basis to sort out the data analysis, for the recurring problems to further find the cause, completely resolved.