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The Material Of The Tub Is Introduced

Jul 05, 2017

The tub is a basin for bathing and washing. Bathtubs are usually placed in the bathroom inside, to facilitate everyone with a bath. The material of the tub has many different materials. What kind of material is the tub? Have you ever been aware of it? Different materials, the bath will have a different effect, we today to see what materials together, and carefully understand what.

What is the material of the bath - solid wood tub

Wooden tubs loved by the people, mainly because people once thought that the wooden tub has a certain health care function, for the human body is very good. Wooden tub mainly use solid wood material, generally cedar wood and other hardwood material mostly, because the hardwood texture of their texture is hard, Bathroom Basin the density is relatively large, water and moisture resistance are first-class good, and solid wood surface has a protective layer of paint, Making the wooden bathtub its surface is very good performance, the current market of wooden tubs are mainly rectangular and round, when people in the use of solid wood tub, you can Imagine, when there is a pot of suitable temperature hot water, you sit inside, smell With a touch of solid wood fragrance, Bathroom Basin enjoy the warm moment is a very pleasant thing.

What is the good material for the tub - cast iron tub

Cast iron material of the bathtub you generally do not see it is made of cast iron material, because their internal structure for the cast iron material, and the surface of the use of ceramic packaging, the appearance is completely can not see, this The design of the tub in the water is not heard when any noise, the use of time is relatively long, because the surface of the ceramic structure, cleaning is very simple, after each bath, Bathroom Basin the use of water brush on it, of course, the general cast iron process More complex, so the price of cast iron bath is also more expensive, must pay attention when buying, Bathroom Basin beware of the purchase of counterfeit counterfeit products Oh.

What kind of bath material is good - ceramic tub

This kind of tub is mostly designed with massage bathtub. Because of its smooth and delicate surface of ceramic material, and it is more convenient to clean, it is very popular, but in the selection of ceramic bathtub, we must pay attention to the surface of the glazed construction process , Bathroom Basin Generally feel more smooth and delicate surface, but also have to consider the surface of the water swelling rate, the general expansion of the product is relatively small water consumption can be counted as the advantages of tub products.

What kind of bath material is good - acrylic tub

This is a new type of material bathtub products, acrylic most prominent feature is its style, this material of the tub has a variety of shapes, all sizes, so suitable for different occasions, but the acrylic tub is not durable, the surface is easy to scratch , Insulation capacity is not good, Bathroom Basin the material is not environmentally friendly, etc., so the selection of such materials in the tub, we must be more careful, try to choose a regular brand manufacturers to buy it.

Everyone should pick the tub from the area of the tub and the material of the tub to pick. First if the size is not appropriate, it can not be placed in the bathroom inside, the equivalent of the tub is useless. Followed by different materials, with the effect is not the same, of course, the decorative effect is also very different. Hope that the original knowledge of the introduction allows you to understand the bathtub material, Can make a reference。