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The Kitchen Sink Should Be Installed Securely

Jun 08, 2017

How do I install a kitchen sink? Many of my friends are asking this question. Home improvement near the end of the sink these components should also be installed, but how to properly install is indeed a problem.

In order to avoid future tank seal failure, leakage and other bad things, Kitchen Sink or still take a rainy day, a good understanding of the kitchen sink installation method is king.

First, the kitchen sink installation pre-preparation

1, the main installation of the installation of the sink, the faucet and the inlet should be installed are completed. When installing the faucet, not only requires a strong installation, but also the phenomenon of water seepage at the connection.

2, place the sink Some of the functional parts of the tank are installed, Kitchen Sink you can put the sink into the corresponding position in the table, ready to start the next installer.

Second, install the kitchen sink steps

1, the installation of the faucet into the water pipe will be installed in the faucet on the end of the inlet pipe connected to the inlet switch, the installation should pay attention to the convergence of the firm, but also pay attention to a detail, that is, hot and cold water pipe position, Confused.

2, the installation of the overflow hole of the water pipe overflow hole is to avoid overflow of the water tank to protect the hole, so when installing the overflow hole in the water pipe, Kitchen Sink pay attention to its convergence with the tank at the seal, to ensure that the overflow hole of the water pipe itself Not leaking.

3, the installation of the filter basket under the water filter basket under the water pipe in the installation, the main attention between the water pipe and the convergence between the tank, not only to be strong, but also to seal.

4, the installation of the overall drainage pipe is usually people will buy two filter basket sink, but the distance between the two water pipes near the workers in the installation, according to the actual situation of the matching drainage pipe, this Pay attention to the sealing between each interface, the common problem of water leakage occurred in these convergence.

5, the installation of coupons reinforcement tank tank into the table, the need for the tank and the table between the installation of supporting the coupons, the tank installed firmly, Kitchen Sink to avoid the small gap led to the left and right trough shaking.

Third, the kitchen sink installation acceptance

1, the drainage test to be the basic installation is completed, the filter basket is also installed on the next step to start the experiment. To do the drainage test, the need to fill the tank filled with water, while testing the two filter basket and overflow hole drainage of water. Drainage, if found where there is the phenomenon of water seepage, should immediately rework, to ensure that after the use of no harm.

2, the tank around the edge of the drainage test done, to ensure that no problem in the case, you can edge of the sink. In the use of silicone edge, Kitchen Sink to ensure that the tank and the table to connect the gap evenly, can not have the phenomenon of water seepage.

3, to complete the installation of the edge of the tank after the completion of the installation of the sink will be the end of the daily use of the sink more frequent, so the installation of each sink into the sink are the key.

A rainy day is a kind of virtue ah. Only to strictly grasp each home improvement level, in order to ensure that after the smooth life of the quality of life Oh well