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The Application Of Baotrol Solid Surface

Oct 10, 2015

1, Commercial and public spaces: color-rich, different shape modeling, creative
Baotrol-artificial stone solid surface is smooth and delicate soft to the touch, solid and durable, deviations from modeling to meet individual design ideas.

Can be used in:
• Large business reception, hotels, companies, the securities arms of banks, restaurants, airports, stations, ports, health center, beauty salon;
• Coated column walls (Interior) line (foot), wash basin, handrails, Office files, photo frame box, door handles, Elevator, sample display racks, cosmetic counters, exhibition stands, desk, sill plate conjoined Office desk, business center, trash, plaques, door number.

2, Home environment: kitchen, dishes countertop, bathroom
Washing table, coffee table, dining table, skirting, top line, door frames, window sills, railings, loft railing, columns, shower room, a bar, and a picture frame, computer table, TV cabinet Panel stands, audio racks, flower pots, ashtrays, drinking water, and so on.

3, Special purpose environments: schools, hospitals, factories
Test rig, operating room walls, wash, physiotherapy centre and pharmacy counter and so on.