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Technology Of Artificial Stone

Mar 01, 2016

The production process:

In the manufacturing process of artificial stone, mainly control the amount of fillers, and promoter, amount of hardener.

Production processes:
Preparation material → mixing → molded → vacuum forming machine machines vacuum sanding → → → curing → release post processing

Common problems and their solutions, artificial stone products:
1, deformation and warping:
Artificial stone products are the main causes of warpage caused by:
A larger, resin shrinkage or resin type is not correct.
B, after the production is completed, no time flat on solidification.
C, Sander sanding is bad.
D, curing release not long after the surface and bottom packing layer knocked out.
E, the grill room temperature uneven.

2, air holes:
A, vacuum stirring defoaming agent or isn't free.
B notwithstanding the vacuum, stirring vacuum tank vacuum is not enough.
C, coagulation time too quickly, bubbles run out.
D, too much filler.

3, color:
Prevention of color difference: according to the same batch number, batch with all color grains and fillers in the mixing tank, mix well.