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Stone Cabinet Manufacturers Tell You How To Choose The Stone Cabinet Table

May 19, 2015

In the home renovation process, many owners when selecting kitchen countertops very tangled, do not know the election artificial stone material, good stainless steel, natural stone or choose good. For owners of the puzzle, stone cabinet manufacturers to tell you how to choose the stone cabinet table:

Artificial stone

Artificial stone is made of natural marble or other stone into powder, then add rayon, polyester resin binder, flame retardant, extruded color stone, is mainly used for kitchen countertops.

Advantages: artificial stone surface smooth, nonporous, textured natural stone and ceramic-like luster, a variety of colors to choose from. Its texture acid, corrosion resistance, waterproof, easy to clean, can be set stone, ceramics, wood advantages in one. Artificial stone highly adaptable, you can create any shape, and can truly seamless, the overall effect is very good, and this material is easy to process.

Inadequate: Although artificial stone looks beautiful, but not durable, which is less than the hardness of granite, hard things After scratching, the table will leave a mark. In addition, this material is also easy to penetrate, can not be placed directly after the Heat kitchenware, otherwise the material will change color.