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Stone Cabinet Manufacturers Introduce Merit Marble Countertops

May 19, 2015

Marble Countertops: no deformation, high hardness, wear resistance rock by long-term natural aging, the organizational structure of uniform, small linear expansion coefficient, internal stress completely disappeared, no deformation afraid of acid, alkaline liquid material erosion will not rust... , do not oiled, easy to stick dust, maintenance, convenient and simple maintenance, long service life.

Advantages: marble Cabinet table has a strong anti-abrasion, high temperature, maintenance-free, it will not scratch, without a constant temperature to prevent, at room temperature, can maintain their original physical properties, but marble physically stable , careful organization, by the impact of the grain off the surface edges can not afford, does not affect its plane accuracy, material stability, to ensure the long-term deformation, linear expansion coefficient, high mechanical precision, rust-proof, anti-magnetic, insulated not magnetized, the measure when you can move smoothly, without Zhise sense, not damp the impact plane that set good.

Disadvantages: marble countertops and a slight radiation exposure, but will not cause harm to humans.