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Performance Advantages Of Natural Stone Cabinet

May 19, 2015

Natural stone countertops: Length of natural stone can not be too long, can not be made through the whole length of the table, and the Modern Pursuit is not appropriate to the overall table.

Pros: Natural stone texture is very beautiful, hard, anti-scratch performance is very outstanding, good wear resistance, natural stone has porosity, easy to accumulate grease and natural marble brittleness, can not make more than one meter format countertops, natural stone countertops have seams, these joints are easy to filth, affecting health, low cost, colors vary, the most common price of only several hundred yuan a meter, are a cost-effective countertop materials, and high-grade natural stone countertops prices are thousand dollars.

Disadvantages: two splicing can not be seamless, crevice growth of bacteria, natural stone density, Xu was too strong cabinet support, although it is more than hard, but the lack of flexibility in case of crack hit occurs, it is difficult to repair, a number unseen natural crack, rupture in case of sudden temperature changes can occur.