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Marble Wear Resistance Is Good

Aug 09, 2017

The current market, the type of marble is very much, consumers need to take into account when buying the purpose of the use of marble, rich variety, and style is complete, for some marble manufacturers, their color and pattern is very important, some marble Giving a very simple feeling, some give a noble feeling, Solid Surface for which we buy marble, it must be on its maintenance and use of skills have a clear understanding.

The type of marble

Class A: high quality marble, with the same, excellent processing quality, free of impurities and pores. The same time as

Class B: Features close to the former class of marble, Solid Surface but the processing quality is slightly worse than the former; there are natural flaws; need a small amount of separation, glue and filling. The same time as

Class C: there are some differences in processing quality; defects, stomata, texture fracture is more common. The difficulty of repairing these differences is medium and can be achieved by separating, gluing, Solid Surface filling or reinforcing one or more of these methods. The same time as

Class D: Features similar to Class C marble, but it contains more natural flaws, the greatest difference in processing quality, Solid Surface the need for the same method for multiple surface treatment. This kind of marble has a lot of colorful stone, they have a good decorative value.

The characteristics of marble

(1) good decorative performance, marble does not contain radiation and bright color, rich colors, is widely used in indoor walls, the ground decoration. Solid Surface Has excellent processing performance: saw, cut, polished, drilling, sculpture and so on. The same time as

(2) marble wear resistance is good, not aging, its life is generally about 50-8 years. The same time as

(3) In the industry, marble is widely used. Such as: for raw materials, cleaning agents and so on. The same time as

(4) marble with non-conductive, non-magnetic, field stability and other characteristics. The same time as

From a commercial point of view, all naturally occurring, Solid Surface polished calcareous rocks are called marble, marble is not suitable for all construction sites, so marble should be divided into A, B, C and D four categories. This classification is particularly applicable to relatively brittle C and D marbles, Solid Surface which require special treatment before or during installation.

Marble of conventional products

Beige (gold ivory, sha Ana beige, Amy Beige, moon beige, Oman beige)

White line (ya white, gold spider)

Gray (Pago high ash, French wood gray)

Black (Black Crystal)

Yellow line (rainforest brown)

Green (rainforest)

Brown (Turkish brown net, Spanish deep brown net)

Red (Spanish West)

And other architectural stone is different, each piece of marble floor tile texture is different, texture clear curved marble, smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, Solid Surface like to bring you again and again the visual feast, installed in the room life, You can set off the room more elegant and generous.