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Marble Paving Program

May 10, 2017

Marble is the crust in the original rock through the crust in the formation of high temperature and high pressure metamorphic rocks, the internal forces of the crust to promote the original types of rock quality changes in the process. The change of quality refers to the change of the structure, structure and mineral composition of the original rock. The new rock type Solid Surface formed by qualitative change is called metamorphic rock. Marble mainly by the calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite composition, the main component of calcium carbonate-based, accounting for more than 50%. There are other magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, manganese oxide and silica. Marble is generally of a relatively soft nature, which is relative to granite. Of course, you do not have to ignore this, because the geological age is calculated in terms of billion, in our lifetime, this qualitative change is a limited change. Marble floor tiles to the beautiful appearance and very practical features to attract the attention of consumers. And other architectural stone is different, each piece of marble floor tile texture is different, texture clear curved marble, smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, like to bring you again and again the visual feast, installed in the room life, You can set off the room more elegant and generous.

Marble texture of natural changes in the ground wall paving construction, the different paving way will make the whole ground Solid Surface paving effect attitude thousands, showing a unique ingenuity of taste.

Here are some of the marble paving program

Mix and match

With 2-3 different texture of the marble for irregular paving, full of personality, more suitable for large space.

Back to paving

In the four boundaries of marble with different colors, texture of the long strip of stone, which in the ground to form a "back" both the visual sense.

Back to the type of paving fashion atmosphere, very fit the marble temperament.

Will be two marble in the horizontal line with the wall was 45 ° alternating slanting, greatly enhance the three-dimensional sense of space.

Very suitable for aisle, corridor and other space

Straight Paving

Will be two different marble side by side to spread out, with the width can also be a wide and narrow, showing striped space effect.

As an entry-level mix plan, striped paving in the role of improving the spatial extension of the role of obvious, and difficult to cause losses.

5. Dot matrix paving

Want to low-key and good-looking, dot matrix paving is also a good program. In each corner of the plate with a small size as a decoration, it is warm and lovely.

Dot matrix paving more suitable for exquisite small space, because the corners with stone area is not large, for large space easy to appear small family gas.

6. Irregular cut combination

The stone cut into different sizes of the triangle, parallelogram, and then creative combination of paving.

The striped chevron combination

Different styles of marble composition stripes effect, and the use of herringbone paving, absolutely can become the visual focus. But this paving the relative loss of the program, more for hotels, restaurants and other public places.

In the "back" on the basis of paving, to increase the edge effect, or different "back" between the word staggered, the formation of gorgeous complex paving effect.

Marble and other

Will be marble and wood tiles, metal bricks, mosaics and other material tiles mix and match, but also can bring surprising beauty