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Marble Care Precautions

May 15, 2017

Interior decoration, many people will use marble stone, used to decorate the TV cabinet, windowsill or the ground, etc., because the marble texture is hard, easy to deformation, and long life, looks more atmospheric. But many people because of these characteristics, will ignore the marble cleaning and maintenance, in fact, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, marble will lose luster, or wear and long spot, so we usually pay attention to the regular marble floor or furniture maintenance Oh!

First, the marble maintenance mode

Marble maintenance methods are waxing polishing and recrystallization two, but now most people are choosing to recrystallize Solid Surface the maintenance mode. Because the marble waxing, wax surface ash, the ground after the deal is easy to produce a sense of gray, pedestrians will leave a clear footprints. And the wax layer closed the marble pores, marble moisture inside can not be revealed, easily lead to marble lesions. In addition, the wax layer texture is soft, easy to wear, can not really meet the requirements of the protection of the marble floor.

The recrystallization of marble is now a more popular method. Because the marble recrystallization is divided into two parts, one part refers to the mechanical tool part, the other part is the special chemical material part, the chemical material is also divided into granite recrystallization and marble recrystallization. Because the basic principle of the marble floor is Solid Surface to use some special chemical materials with mechanical friction generated when the heat, and the structure of the marble surface reaction, resulting in a new hard crystal layer. So the use of these stone recrystallization system on the granite and marble maintenance, marble floor can be bright and fresh natural effect, but also improve the weariness of the marble surface to make it more durable luster.

Second, the marble maintenance precautions

1, marble easy to dye, clean with less water, regularly with a slightly moist with a mild detergent cloth wipe, and then wipe with a clean soft cloth and polish, so that it regains luster. Or wipe with a liquid scrubber, you can use lemon juice or Solid Surface vinegar to clean the stains, but the lemon stay in the above time is best not more than 2 minutes, if necessary, repeat the operation, and then clean and dry.

2, marble is very fragile, afraid of the impact of hard objects, beating, so usually should pay attention to prevent iron and other heavy objects knocked stone, so as to avoid the pits, affecting the appearance. Marble and granite are easier to clean and maintain, as long as the use of some cleaners for a simple surface cleaning, will be able to keep its new long.

3, paving the marble floor, the use of a period of time, the brick surface may be residual individual pores will be dirty black, in case of this situation, you can use a toothbrush and other tools stained with toothpaste and other neutral detergent to clean it , And then filled with tree wax or hard wax.

4, regularly with a mild detergent with a cloth to wipe the table, and then wipe and polish with a clean soft cloth, when the surface contamination should be some lighter corrosive agents such as lemon juice or vinegar to clean the stains, avoid using soap Or soda powder and other fragile marble essence of the material to rub. Use lemon juice should also be very careful, the best time to stay more than 1 minute, if necessary, repeat the operation, and then clean and dry. For cosmetics, tea and tobacco stains, can be coated with hydrogen peroxide, stay for two hours, and then clean and dry. For oil traces, use ethanol (alcohol), acetone (wood fine) or lighter oil wipe, and then clean and dry.