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Kitchen Sink To Buy Knowledge

May 15, 2017

Kitchen sinks are also known as kitchen pots, according to the production of materials into the following several.

Although the kitchen sink is a kitchen decoration in the accessories, but in various types of kitchen supplies, kitchen sinks use the highest frequency. After dinner, 65% of the time to deal with the kitchen sink, so it is the importance of family Kitchen Sink life is self-evident, so choose a practical, beautiful, wear, brush, easy to clean the kitchen sink is very necessary The Here to summarize the kitchen sink to buy some of the knowledge points.

First, the kitchen sink material

Select the kitchen sink The first step is to choose the material, choose where the material of the kitchen sink will have to consider the kitchen decoration style and room color on the integration. The market mainly has the following materials of the kitchen sink: stainless steel, artificial stone (acrylic), ceramics, cast iron enamel, stone kitchen sink and so on.

1, stainless steel kitchen sink

Now the most common on the market, the most widely used is the stainless steel kitchen sink, occupy the kitchen sink market share of 90%, the major brands are R & D and production of stainless steel kitchen sink mainly. Stainless steel is the ideal material for kitchen kitchen sink, its light weight, good installation, wear, high temperature, moisture resistance, not easy to aging, not easy to corrosion, no oil, no water, no dirt, no smell, and stainless steel material performance Out of the Kitchen Sink metal texture is quite modern, can achieve wild effect, diverse shapes, suitable for a variety of styles, is the other materials can not match. At present, the stainless steel kitchen sink market price difference is relatively large, the price from several hundred dollars to million, the price decision factors mainly with the import or not, material selection, construction technology and so on. In general, most of the high-grade stainless steel kitchen sink prices in the 1000 yuan to 2,500 yuan, and usually the package, that is, in addition to the kitchen sink also includes faucets, water pipes and other accessories, only the import of the kitchen sink only need million The high price.

2, artificial stone (acrylic) kitchen sink

Artificial stone (acrylic) and artificial crystal kitchen sink is also very fashionable, they are a kind of artificial composite material, is made of 80% pure granite powder and 20% of the acid after high temperature processing. It is rich in pattern, selectivity, corrosion resistance, plasticity, with a certain sound-absorbing function, no joints at the corners, Kitchen Sink the surface is relatively smooth, and stainless steel kitchen sink metal texture, it is more moderate, and the acrylic is rich Color to choose from, different from the traditional tone, cloth color uniform, with exaggerated bold, can be said that unique personality, it is simple, the other side of the original color for some of the natural style of the family Kitchen Sink favorite. But most of the artificial stone kitchen sink did not use such exaggerated colors, but the use of traditional white. In addition, this kitchen sink can be connected with the artificial stone countertops without seams, easy to leak or stay bacteria.

However, this type of kitchen sink should be careful when using sharp tools and rough objects to scratch the surface and destroy the finish, it is easier to be scratched or worn. And not high temperature, just from the stove to win the pot can not be directly in the kitchen sink brush. Artificial stone is more fragile, but encountered a force scratch or high temperature fracture is not easy to repair. On the other hand is the infiltration, a long time do not erase the dirt will penetrate into the kitchen sink surface, then the material of the kitchen sink is also facing this problem. At present this material of the kitchen sink out of the market, unless your home is not how to cook, completely pursue decoration style.

3, ceramic kitchen sink

The advantages of ceramic pots is good care, easy to clean, clean and finished the same as the new, high temperature, temperature change, the surface hard wear, anti-aging. Most of the ceramic kitchen sink is white, but the ceramic kitchen sink can be colored when making, so the color is actually more abundant. The owner can choose the appropriate ceramic kitchen sink according to the overall color of the kitchen, the kitchen for the overall design to join a trace of Reiki, but the price will naturally more expensive.