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Kitchen Sink Design

Jun 21, 2017

Every time you finish a meal, the stage is water. Like to eat Chinese food, kitchen kitchen sink water splash really can not solve it?

For the Chinese family, it is too important to choose a suitable kitchen kitchen sink.

Take the simplest kitchen sink size, if not selected, the kitchen sink is too shallow easy to splash water, wash the capacity is not enough; and the kitchen sink is too deep, not beautiful, Kitchen Sink bent to wash things hard.

So the kitchen kitchen sink in the end how to choose it?

How to choose the material of the kitchen sink

At present, the mainstream of the domestic kitchen sink material or stainless steel. Followed by artificial stone, such as quartz stone, granite.

Ceramic material kitchen kitchen sink is very nice, more common in the foreign network map.

But because of its weight, and easy to be scratched and other shortcomings in the country soon fade out of sight, Kitchen Sink the market share of the few.

While the other cast iron enamel and the like is actually very small public, it is difficult to buy.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks

Regardless of the price of the kitchen sink, stainless steel kitchen sinks are generally made of 304 stainless steel. This is because it is good processing and heat and corrosion resistance, it is suitable for welding and mass production.

And therefore, stainless steel kitchen sink regardless of the price level has always belong to the kitchen kitchen sink in the low-end position.

If the home is just used stainless steel kitchen sink, Kitchen Sink it will know its advantages in fact very obvious.

Such as oil resistance, good cleaning, but also cheap, cost-effective.

But ordinary stainless steel is easy to be scratched and left scratches.

Want to overcome this, you need to do special treatment of stainless steel, Kitchen Sink such as drawing or matte treatment, so that stainless steel is not only beautiful, and more wear-resistant oil, good clean.

Of course, the price will certainly increase accordingly.

Stainless steel processing technology there are two, one is one pull up, one is manual welding.

The so-called one pull up refers to the kitchen sink through the gravity stamping one molding, the advantage is no seams, clean up easily.

And part of the stainless steel kitchen sink will choose to manually weld or thicken the kitchen sink trough.

Compared with the one-piece drawing process, Kitchen Sink the manual welding life is longer and the price is higher.

Currently on the market stainless steel kitchen sink prices generally between 500 to 2000 yuan, mainly to see the brand and process design.

More than the price of the also, personally, the relative price is not so high.

Artificial stone kitchen sinks

Artificial stone kitchen sink is divided into two kinds of artificial quartz stone and granite.

And stainless steel kitchen sink compared to their higher price, belong to the kitchen kitchen sink in the high-end products.

Common colors are black and white.

Compared to stainless steel, many people prefer artificial stone color and texture.

Artificial stone material durable, smooth surface without holes, Kitchen Sink oil and water stains will not be attached to the top, so the cleaning is very convenient.

Its shortcomings are high prices.

The general unit price in the 1600 ~ 4000 yuan range.

Select the size according to the size

In fact, many times, the primary factor limiting the single basin or the kitchen itself.

General kitchen sink width + 10cm to the thickness of the cupboard

And the length of the kitchen sink is limited by the length of the cabinet, the cabinet if more than 4 square meters, you can choose the length of ≥ 600mm single basin, or length ≥ 750mm double basin.

If the cabinet is less than 4 square meters, you have to choose a small basin.