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How To Remove Granite Countertops Oil

May 19, 2015

Now many of my friends at home will use marble as countertops, so we all know how better to remove the oil it marble countertops, stone countertops Anyang below give you to tell us about it.

Recommended by stone dedicated products, such as powerful concentrated cleaning agent, PH value of about 10.5. These products can decompose organic pollution stone surface and can remove the surface-type protective agent. If necessary, the cleaning agent decontamination powder mixing, the reaction time may be extended such compounds, and stains adsorbed drug paste. Before using the compound, test a small inconspicuous area such as a corner, and make sure that does not make the stone surface covered with dark scratches. Remove minor scratches operation is relatively simple, there is a lot of polishing powder sold. However, when you use polishing powder, most still require polishing machine or with the use of single-brush machine.