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Design Of Kitchen Sink

Jul 28, 2017

Kitchen sink is one of the most critical equipment in the kitchen. Kitchen sink looks very simple, installation is also a simple physical combination, but the choice of kitchen sink to pay attention to a lot of places, such as we often see a number of different brands of kitchen sink, the same appearance size, price is very different. There are material factors in it, as well as the cost of the process and the various designs in it. Kitchen Sink In case the design unreasonable, poor quality kitchen sink, day after day to the kitchen cleaning caused the suffering, to daily life will bring unnecessary trouble, so we need to see the kitchen sink key materials, fine selection.

Kitchen sink by material classification

Kitchen sink can be divided into cast iron enamel, ceramics, stainless steel, artificial stone, steel enamel, acrylic, crystalline stone and many other varieties, Kitchen Sink and among them ceramics, stainless steel, man-made stone, granite (quartz) These four kinds are more common.

Ceramic: Ceramic material weight, in the selection of cabinets, it is best to explain clearly in advance, so that the cabinet and countertop can give the kitchen sink enough support. Kitchen Sink Ceramic kitchen sink resistant to high temperature, easy to clean, anti-aging, but to avoid collisions and scratches with the hard object. Clean when you can choose hundred clean cloth, if encountered stubborn stains can also be used wire, but be sure to gently wipe.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel kitchen sink is the most widely used, Kitchen Sink its metal texture can be better integrated into the overall kitchen style. Acid and alkali-resistant, anti-oxidation, surface beautiful, can often maintain bright as new, durable. Strong and resilient, impact resistance and wear, no damage to the cleaning utensils, cost-effective is widely favored by the general family reasons. Kitchen Sink Stainless steel kitchen sink functions, lightweight, through the precision processing, can be made of different styles, and various types of kitchen table matching. is worth recommending to everyone the material.

Granite: The most rigid high purity quartz material in granite mixes the food grade high performance resin, which is made by special process high temperature die-casting. can effectively eliminate scratches and dirt, granite hard, environmental protection of this rugged characteristics, and low-cost features, Kitchen Sink mainly for some public health sites. Household use needs to occupy a lot of space, and lack of beauty, kitchen sink body bulky need to design a special load-bearing frame, difficult to match with cabinets, not recommended.

Artificial stone: Artificial stone is usually used for cabinets, it is rich in color, can be paired with a variety of styles of the cabinets, and now some families in order to pursue the integration of cabinets with the effect (with the table is a molding process), kitchen sink body also used artificial stone. Man-made stone kitchen sink is more cumbersome, modeling four is rigid, to do humanized design is more difficult, Kitchen Sink texture is not as hard as stainless steel material, in use to avoid cutting tools or hard objects, to prevent scratches on the surface or damage the finish. Maintenance also needs to be more industrious, each use after the need to be retained in the surface of the water stains with cloth gently wipe clean, if not clean for a long time, it is easy to cause stubborn stains, Kitchen Sink later it is not easy to clean up.

In general, stainless steel kitchen sink durability, wear-resistant, affordable, cost-effective, is the most widely used kitchen sink. Stainless steel kitchen Sink The best use of cold stretching process, so as to ensure that the internal physical structure of the steel is not destroyed, Kitchen Sink to maintain the original corrosion resistance, the bottom of the basin does not need coating, tough and durable, and often new.