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Comparative Advantages Of Marble Than The Whole Cabinet Cabinet

May 19, 2015

We usually re-election cabinet, will not consider is the choice of marble or direct the whole cabinet of it, it gives the following stone kitchen cabinets contrast ratio Laijiangjiang overall advantage marble cabinet.

The only difference is the whole cabinet and marble cabinets that cabinet, the whole cabinet countertops are polyester tops (artificial stone), and pvc table (the material used to make automobile tires) to the cabinet body is made of wood (18mm large core board) and solid wood. Its advantage in color uniformity, rich colors more fashionable. With the change easily. The disadvantage is easy to scratch, easy to clean oil-absorbing bad, afraid of the water.

Marble cabinets, there are two, one is to the cabinet body is made of wood countertops are marble, the other is the whole cabinet is made of marble (except for doors), it's advantage is hard, not easy to scratch, not viscous oil, a good cleaning, not afraid of water, natural colors. The disadvantage is not easy with the change, uneven color. Another point of radiation, but there is little harm to the human body, but psychological.