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Common Types Of Cabinets

May 19, 2015

The whole cabinet, also known as "Kitchen" refers to a combination of cabinets cabinets, appliances, gas appliances, kitchen appliances, one of the four component functions. It is characterized by the cabinet and console as well as kitchen appliances and a variety of features combine together and kitchen structure, size, as well as the individual needs of family members in accordance with the consumer's home by the overall configuration, the overall design, the overall construction, finally forming a package of products; implement every kitchen overall coordination process, and create a good family atmosphere and flavor of life.

Cabinet: Press spatial structure including wall cabinets, cabinets, decoration cabinet, high wardrobe, etc

Closet door: choose the larger, and press materials including wood type doors, aluminum doors, shutter doors

Decorative plates: including partitions, roof, top of the line board, back wall hangings, etc.

Table: include artificial stone, fire board, artificial quartz, stainless steel countertops, natural stone countertops

Feet: Includes anchor plate, adjusting foot and connectors. Commonly used to adjust the foot plastic and aluminum footplate

Hardware accessories include: hinges, rails, handles, hanging code, other structural parts, decorative accessories, etc.

Function accessories: including Star pots (artificial stone pots and stainless steel pots), leading, and down the water, a soap dispenser, all kinds of basket, Lycra, racks, rice boxes, trash, etc.

Lamps: Ceiling lighting, ceiling lights, all kinds of built-in, external cabinet Lamp