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Baths Are Designed According To Height

Jul 18, 2017

As we all know, the tub is placed in the bathroom of the house for the owner's bath and shower. Currently on the market the main popular bathtub material for the glass fiber, and the tub is made of ceramic made of ceramic. So, there are so many sizes of tub on the market, how should we pick it? Let's take a look at the size of the different types of tubs.

The size of the different types of tubs

There are four types of popular tub types on the market, namely, Bathroom Basin ordinary tub, bubbling tub, massage tub and double tub.

Ordinary tub height is generally 355 ~ 518mm, the length of the main 1200,1300,1400,1500,1600,1700mm, the width is generally in the 700 ~ 900mm;

The size of the bubble basin is generally 1100,700,475mm, sitting at 310mm;

The size of the massage tub is generally 1500,800,900,470mm;

Double bathtub size compared to ordinary bathtub will be much larger, generally 1700 ~ 2000,1100 ~ 1800,580 ~ 800mm.

The size of the bathtubs of different shapes

The current size of the bathtub on the market are conventional square, round, and oval.

The size of the domestic square bathtub is mainly based on the general design of the Chinese people, the length of the main 1500,1600,1700,1800,1900mm, the most popular size is 1700mm, Bathroom Basin because this is the average height of the Chinese people. Its height is generally between 580 ~ 900mm, the width of the basic 700,750,800,850,900 mm.

Most of the round tub used in the villa or more luxurious residential, the size is relatively large, so the water consumption is relatively large. Other irregular tub size is relatively large, the average family is less used.

Oval-shaped tub and square bathtub size is not very different, Bathroom Basin there is a major use of wood made of oval bathtub, which is the barrel, in the market is also more popular.

There are specially designed for the children of the tub, the size is relatively small, the depth is relatively shallow.

How to choose the right tub

First of all, according to their own home bath area, pattern, available space, etc., according to the actual situation to select the appropriate size of the tub. In addition, Bathroom Basin if the family has children and the elderly, it is best to choose the edge is not high or embedded, so more convenient and safe.

Second, we should pay attention to see the bath of the gloss and smoothness, you can see the bath material is good or bad.

In the purchase of tub should also pay attention to the quality of brand service, choose good quality, good reputation, good aftermarket brand. After reading this article, whether you choose for their own love in the satisfaction of the bath it.