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Basic Knowledge Of Quartz Stone

Jan 07, 2016

There have many kinds of stone in the nowadays building mateirals market. One for are quartz stone. This kind of material use some material after negative pressure vacuum,through heating and solid to become quartz stone sheet,this sheet with high hardness,structural symmetry,is a very idea building material.It with widely uses,kitchen countertop is the major application, and also floor,wall,video wall etc. various kind of colors let customer's choice are more.
What are the characteristics of quartz stone?

At present,there have many quartz stone brand in the building material market,its abvious features are surface durable and shiny,will not flatten,besides with strong wearability,scratches resistance,and also very good stain and aging resistance,even in long time use the color will not fade away,it is a best choice for modern home use.

What about the price of quartz stone?

Because of the advantages of this kind of material 's stone,it become more popular products on the market,price difference is depend on the quality,in general,prices range from US$30-US$150 ect,some of quartz with higher price because the higher quality,it looks more luxury.Consumers purchasing it should depend on their economic strength.