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Baotrol Solid Surface Countertop Process Criterion

May 20, 2016

1: choose solid surface slab

The material is consistent with the drawing color and number. Selected materials are the same lot number, whether there is a difference, clear pores and apparent uneven distribution of particles or impurities. The material in question should not be expected, written complaints reported to the material you want.

2: material should pay attention to the following issues.

3: the cutting blades must be kept sharp bite not volume, preventing damage to the plate.

4: cutting speed should be uniform, particularly in the last 400mm should pay attention to speed, avoid feeding too quickly and crack.

5: the gongs when machine cutting, aware of smoothness and in working to support fully, to avoid damage.

6: note the calculation process, each knife has the 2mm rest trimmed and each knife has a 2mm loss.