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Artificial Stone Countertop Installation Considerations

Apr 22, 2016

1: When install countertops, leaning against the wall where you want to keep the fridge 3mm-5mm stretch knitted stitch, at the table longer than 4m, expansion joints of not less than 5mm.

2: When countertop joint please pay attention to the physical properties of artificial stone solid surface, avoid joint cracking due to thermal expansion and contraction, or stress the consequences when connected is selected, you must fully consider the force plate. Avoid connection of rotation or the furnace mouth. Corner should be at a distance greater than the 30mm feeder.

3: At the corner table,corner cracking caused by stress easily,so when machining corners remain circular arcs of RADIUS 25mm angle.

4:Furnace mouth hole corner radius should be maintained above 25mm rounded corner, four corners must use homogeneous sheet metal plates to make reinforcement, body and 4mm-6mm distance between the countertop and adding insulation around the hole and tin foil insulation protective measures.

5:Countertop supports or supporting plate, the maximum distance of not more than 600 mm in order to reduce the surface deformation or fracture.