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NEW-BP018 artificial stone solid surface slabs bending freely

Artificial stone solid surface advantages:




Packaging Details:Every piece has PET .Cover on all sheet surface , Normally ,60 pcs was packed onto a pallet , Then paperboard protect all sides, Reinforce with Straps . Reinforce with Straps.

Delivery Detail:

within 7 days for one 20ft container

Solid surface test datas:
1) Oxygen index: 24-26 (A little flame retardant)

2) Barcol hardness: 82

3) Bending strength:62 Mpa

4) Water absorptivity:0.013%

5) Average thermal expansion coefficient: 2.1x10-5

6) Density: 1.85g/cm3

Why choose baotrol?



Attention below:
[We promise we do not use low quality resin,all slabs must heating in the oven to make sure it solid very well. Slabs with spots and pore can't passed the quality control,all finished solid surface slabs particles uniform,not easy to yellowing.]

Packaging & Delivery: