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What is artificial stone?

Nov 23, 2015

The terminology of artificial stone is Solid Surface Materials,and it is based on methyl methacrylate (MMA, common name acrylic or plexiglass material), unsaturated polyester resins (UPR) and other organic polymer matrix, with natural mineral powders and granular materials as fillers, add pigments and other additives,by casting or vacuum moulding or molding's polymer composite materials.
The material without holes evenly throughout the entire thickness uniformity; they are imperceptible joints can be made from a continuous surface, and to respond by maintaining and renovating the surface again.

Resin: resin is the most important base material of artificial stone.Generally resin's performance determined the final performance of artificial stone.Currently used to make artificial stone resin usually has o-type and m-type, neopentyl glycol, m-/neopentyl glycol, vinyl, acrylic, etc. 

Filling material: artificial stone fillers are: aluminum hydroxide, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate,natural granite stone marble powders, inorganic powders, granules. Its main effects are: first volume filled; second, enhanced artificial stone stones texture three enhanced mechanical properties of artificial stone; four are as a flame retardant.

Pigments:The role of pigments in artificial stone is deploy assortment,riching colors,this is also the main factor of colour and lustre better than nature stone. Because nature stone's color rather monotonous,less choice for customer to select,pigments application in artificial stone fully compensate for this defect,theoretically,any color can be mix and matching out by various pigments.