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The physical properties of the stone kitchen

May 19, 2015

Kitchen cabinets are used to store kitchen utensils in the kitchen cooking and platform operations. Stone is the kitchen cabinets and console as well as kitchen appliances and a variety of features combine together and follow the individual needs of the family kitchen structure, area, and family members. Here's an overview of the physical properties of the stone kitchen cabinets.

1, fire resistance

All different kinds of stone, some stone under high temperature, chemical decomposition.

2, the expansion and contraction

It is the thermal expansion and contraction, but if heated after cooling, the contraction can not return to its original volume, but will keep a part of a permanent expansion.

3, freezing tolerance

Celsius to minus 20, the occurrence of freezing water in the pores swell bulky than the original 1/10, if not against the force of this expansion occurred, there will be damage to the phenomenon. If the water absorption is generally less than 0.5%, not considering the frost resistance.

4. Durability

Stone has good durability, stone structures built with permanent possible. Ancient people have long recognized this, many important buildings and monumental structures are the use of stone buildings