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Stone tells kitchen cabinet approval method

May 19, 2015

Stone kitchen is relatively a popular modern decor, stone is also very suitable as a kitchen for use. All human activities began for the diet, so the choice of kitchen, cleaning and maintenance is very important. Following on from Anyang stone kitchen to tell cabinet approval method

1. Make sure the cabinet table must be horizontal, door installation should correspond to each other, consistent with the level of all the slit width should be consistent, the handle should be at the same level. Recommended to use a spirit level to measure themselves under the table to avoid problems later period.

2, the joint aspect. Table should be smooth, bright, no scratches. Check the original designated place seamlessly whether the gap left, if you can clearly see the glue line, the seam is certainly not good. When needed stitching, its connection with alcohol or water that day wipe clean, so the seams too much dust, it affects the bonding effect, causing cracking joints.

3. Make sure the product is genuine use of materials and accessories. The materials are consistent with the original contract, a variety of counter plates, cabinets heart, hardware accessories, countertops and so on whether to use the original brand products specified in the contract, different materials, quality is often a large discrepancy.