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Stone stone kitchen cabinet manufacturers explain maintenance

May 19, 2015

1, stone kitchen waxing care

Characteristics of the stone surface pores is large, so in the process of using them in case of any dirt or moisture, it should be dealt with immediately to avoid dirt into the stone kitchen countertops. Cleanup usually only use water or colorless neutral mild cleaning solvent, if you choose too acid or too alkaline products are kitchen countertops might cause damage. Regular maintenance wax used for maintenance, but also a necessary condition to maintain the natural appearance of the texture of stone kitchen countertops.

2, stone kitchen maintenance solution

Stone kitchen usually just wipe with water. If there is any residual stain, you need to match a neutral or weak base, weak acid wipe cleaning solvents. If the appearance of damage caused, we need to re-polishing, the surface used often new. Usually regular use of proper maintenance solution for maintenance, but also effectively extend the life of kitchen countertops.