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Stone stone countertops introduce classification

May 19, 2015

Half stone countertops with marble stone, and later as marble drawbacks and the phasing out of the use of quartzite and later as the main material, however, belongs to the sedimentary quartzite, easy to crack, then will local limit permanent defects. Following on from Anyang stone stone countertops to introduce classification.

1, Resin artificial stone: is the most commonly used artificial stone, artificial stone on the market 800 yuan / meters would cost analysis, belong to the "unsaturated resin board", 800 yuan less than the price changes by the quality of the raw material and filled with resin material impact.

2, complex artificial stone: Due to the price factor, are less common, not very good identification. Whether the content of an acrylic composition, it is necessary that after detection, therefore, belongs to the company's "integrity issues."

3, acrylic artificial stone: Acrylic main advantage is that after heating can be arbitrary bending deformation expensive.