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Commonly way to check the quality of solid surface sheet

Mar 16, 2016

                                               The commenly way to check the quality of solid surface sheet.

solid surface color looks pure,no plastic like texture on the surface,solid surface slab haven't air holes on the front side.

without the pungent chemical smell.

touch the surface of the sample feel like silk,not tart,no abvious sense of rugged.

scratch your nail over the slab surface without abvious scratches.

two same size sample collision not easily broken

Its strength and hardness, take the size of a 200*200mm solid surface sample, fell so hard on the cement floor, poor-quality solid surface comminuted broke into many small pieces, good quality, at best, broken up into two or three pieces, and if not too hard to play from the ground up.

take a piece of thin strips of solid surface, put it on the fire to burn, the poor quality of solid surface is easy to burn and burn briskly, good quality artificial stone is not burn unless combined with combustion thing, and is automatically extinguished.

Check if the products have quality certification,inspection reports,and so on.