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Cabinet reshuffle industry into intelligence will add vitality

May 19, 2015

The global financial crisis, the impact, the cabinet business with other industries, have to survive in the "winter" inside. The reporter found that consumers in the purchase of the cabinet, though still green in the first place, but now more rational, orders more cautious. For some brands of scale businesses, because there are a series of measures to deal with them on this "winter" probably does not feel cold.

Compared with previous years, this year's cabinet industry presents a very obvious feature is that smarter technology content. Cabinet brands such as Science Po - Bolloni, Olin, ZhiBang, Stockhausen, gold, Opie, have joined the ranks of "smart cabinet"; and a series of cutting-edge technology has entered the high-end kitchen and people's lives when consumers buy cabinets, of course, prefer to buy green cupboards, cabinets resulting in fierce competition in the industry, both large and small cupboard struggle playing the "green card." However, many consumers have doubts about the choice of the cabinet, particularly environmental performance, environmental protection and whether the target is an important indicator of its decision to purchase the cabinet.