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Britain at the end of the cabinet industry more than a decade of development of power

May 19, 2015

Cabinet reshuffle also the year the market turmoil of the year 2011 both, industry insiders have expressed optimism that the market in the cabinet reshuffle after the end of Britain to enter a new era of rapid market stagnation, stagnation of energy so what? On the mid-1990s, as China's real estate industry's muster, greatly promoted the cabinet industry structure and stagnation. At present, the cabinet industry has become a production and sales have independent characteristics of the industry, the industry is in a rapid period of stagnation of production, the cabinet accepted by most popular producers. According to incomplete statistics, there are certain cases of mold hundreds cabinet manufacturing enterprises, the annual output value of over 50 million, there are a lot of other small artisanal small scale production and marketing enterprises cabinet.

China has 1.3 billion people, it is a huge hidden production market, the limelight. Completed in China each year to establish a foundation in the amount of 1.2 billion square meters or more than one year in all of Europe to establish the amount of six times completed. Among them, the urban residential establish or have five hundred million square meters, 100 square meters per household calculations, five will be able to supply 000,000 homes. China's annual home improvement project in the amount of 200 billion yuan more than a foundation, and also with a five percent annual growth rate. According to these figures the estimated amount of residential kitchen renovation to shut impressive, a lot of the necessary economic and practical cabinet products, industry stagnation promising.