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Basic components of solid surface

Mar 01, 2016

the resin is the most important solid surface base material and of general resins properties determine the ultimate performance of solid surface. Currently used to make solid surface's resin usually has o-type and m-type, neopentyl glycol, m-/neopentyl glycol, vinyl, acrylic, etc.

2)Filling material:
solid surface fillers are: aluminium hydroxide (ATH, is also used as a grinding polishing agent in toothpaste), heavy calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, natural granite stone marble powders, inorganic powders, granules. Its main effects are: first volume filled; second, enhanced solid surface stones texture three enhanced mechanical properties of solid surface; four are as a flame retardant.

pigments in the role of solid sruface is a reallocation of varieties to make it colorful, theoretically, any color can be released through various pigments.


4)Promoting agent and curing agent:
accelerators and hardeners is essential to the production of solid surface additives and sheet gel time can be controlled within a predetermined range.

5)Other additives:
resin is a polymer material, added some additives can improve their technical performance, increase productivity, improve the performance of solid surface, prolonging life.