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Application of artificial stone

Mar 07, 2016

The use of artificial stone

1, Countertop
  Ordinary countertops: kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, windowsills, table, business, banks, reception desks, writing desks, computer tables, bar, and so on. Both marble natural stone texture and firm texture, delicate ceramic smooth and easy processing of wood. Application and promotion of it, marked the decorative art from the era of natural stone, artificial stone has entered a new era.
Hospital, laboratory countertop: artificial stone excellent acid and alkali, easy to clean up, seamless, bacteria have no place to hide, and is widely used in hospitals and laboratories, and other important occasions, meet the requirements for sterile environments.


2, sinks (basin)
  Uses: bath, bathroom cabinets, bathroom pedestal, washing, laundry pool, sink is unbreakable, easy maintenance, resistance to the old, always bright as a new feature.

3, business decoration
Decoration: personalized door pillars, is the crowning architectural space, a wealth of performance of artificial stone and shaping forces, providing endless inspiration to designers. Both the behave style of dignified calm or a simple modern style, man-made stone can easily qualified, let each door post, like a work of dissemination of cultural works of art and living space for added elegance.  Stone surface brilliance as a mirror, so clean up easy, long lasting new, color is dazzling, plasticity, best match for a variety of window sill design.
Commercial and entertainment decoration: all types of business and entertainment, if we choose man-made stone can make its design and gorgeous and elegant, reasonable layout, can produce a wide range of application spaces and perfect decorative light effect, that got you into the harmonious colors, feel welcome. Special curved styling, exquisite mosaics, the coarse ore of arch bursting, corrosion and elegant building, appreciating the polished, elegant Roman arched columns, smooth, harmonious and elegant commercial counters, stunning creative effects are completely artificial stone image of a harmonious and elegant. Show commercial theme and fun atmosphere, artificial stone can also be combined with a variety of materials and a variety of processing methods, creating a special design effects with unique charm.

4, furniture
Artificial stone is an ideal material furniture table tops.

5, art
According to the present needs of national economic development, artificial stone in the pot, sculpture, craft products leading the trend of future consumption.